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2016 Year-End Newsletter

What an incredible year we’ve had! We’ve seen scores of leaders impact their communities through teaching and living out our four core values: intimacy with God, integrity, stewardship, and family priority. More and more, we witness the heart-cry of leaders for family priority to impact their lives as well as those they minister to.

In addition to our travel to Africa, we invited 12 leaders to participate in a vision and strategy meeting in the States in November. Although we invited 12 leaders to come, only seven leaders were able to attend due to visa restrictions. Our partner, Grace Church, in Cape Coral, Florida, hosted us for our strategy meetings. We ministered alongside their team leaders and engaged in productive strategy meetings. We came away from our time together with renewed determination to go deep and go small in our leadership focus. The example of team ministry we witnessed at Grace Church is a successful model for our African leaders to replicate. We want to link hearts and change lives through authentic one-on-one relationships.

I had a conversation with two of our African leaders, Stephen Ojo from Nigeria and Panlieba Tchalieni from Niger. This was Stephen’s first trip to the United States and he was shocked when he saw the needs of poor Americans first-hand. At the same time, he loved ministering with his African colleagues to those in need. As a team, we loved praying for many people during our time with Grace Church.

When we returned to Marietta, I took Stephen to visit my friend Robin who is the former CEO of a major company here in GA. As we walked through the plant, Robin greeted several employees. When the tour was over, Stephen turned to me and said, “That man is a great man, his people SAW him.” I asked what he meant. Stephen said, “In Nigeria, a CEO would be making his employees tremble if he walked through the plant, but those people saw him. They connected with him.” I am honored to say Robin is one of those linked-hearts who has changed my life and helped me to be seen by my African colleagues.

Just before Panlieba Tchalieni returned on his flight back to Africa, I asked about how his family will spend Christmas. He said, “It will be nice, we will have “poulet” (French for chicken) for Christmas. We can’t afford goat.” He wasn’t saying it out of a need, but as a statement of fact. I was humbled by his comment. Think about your Christmas compared with our brother in Niger. He serves as a minister in a country that is 99% Muslim. His Christmas is centered on his church service and a meal consisting of one whole chicken for his family.

You want to know why I do what I do?

It’s because of people like Stephen and Panlieba. I have the privilege to stand together with them in their lives and ministry. It puts things into perspective, doesn’t it? May we keep the true meaning of Christmas in our hearts and minds. Thank you for your prayers and support.

Together we are changing the world in Jesus’s name, one relationship at a time!

     Michael Mozley, Executive Director

Please join us in prayer to raise half of our 2017 budget by December 31, which will allow us to focus more on the ministry, rather than fund raising in the new year.


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