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Eternal Gift

It was a gift that really had no special significance to me.  I have often brought small gifts for my African friends who were serving in difficult places.  I went online just prior to my trip to Abidjan, Cote d’Ivoire to find a speaker I could use to project sound for a movie I was going to share with the team.  I began with Amazon and came upon this little speaker with a big sound and it was solar powered! It could also charge any small electronic item through a USB cord.  Little did I know that this little gift would be one of the most significant items that each of these precious leaders would ever receive.

At first when they saw it, they found it a bit odd looking and quite unusual but as we began to unpack it and find out more of its capabilities they grew more and more excited.  For many of these leaders, they travel miles from their home- towns and often into very rural areas that have no running water and no electricity.  So the fact that it was solar powered and solar generated was a huge plus.  It is also Bluetooth capable so that it can pick up a small device and project big sounds so that many people can hear the Gospel message through media.

Now three months removed from that event, I have heard from several of these leaders and they are so blessed by how this small little gift has made a huge impact on their ministries.

None of this would have been possible if people had not believed in me, Catalyst for Africa and these precious African leaders.  Thank you for linking hearts with our African brothers and sisters to make a big sound in the Kingdom.


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