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Simply Amazing

Amazing Country: 32 years ago I was challenged by a friend to go on a short-term trip to Kenya. Our team flew from Ft. Wayne, Indiana to New York to Paris to Nairobi. As a 20 year old, I was wide eyed as we moved from rural America, to urban America, to one of the most beautiful cities in Europe, and finally to Nairobi. Africa! I was in Africa and I was overwhelmed at its beauty. The skyline of Nairobi is always intriguing to me, but once you set out and head up the great escarpment and then wind your way down into the great rift valley; it is literally stunning. Clouds are so close, sky is so blue, and on my first journey we happened to have a couple of giraffes that decided to run right next to our vehicle. They were incredible to watch in their fluid gate. The rolling hills, the majestic mountains, the acacia trees, the little farms cut out of the hillside of every village are vistas right out of a story book. I haven’t kept up with how many times I’ve actually traveled to Kenya, but I have to tell you, this country is Amazing!

Amazing People: Relationships are the DNA of life. Without relationships we are all dead men. Here is a glimpse of three lives that are changing the world. The first is my African twin, David Mutai. He is deep water. Several years ago he took his wife and three kids and moved from a semi-rural/urban area in Kenya to live among one of the unreached peoples in the North. He did it for 9 years. Limited food, water, supplies and especially education for his kids, but they all flourished. His kids are all successful in various jobs now and the people that he ministered to have a deeper relationship with God. David is now ministering among widows and orphans with Project 82.

Harrison Githu is one of my Timothys. He is married to Tabitha and he has two children, Clement and Louise. Harrison is a missionary with God’s Grace for All Nations. From Nakuru, he travels to the Northern regions of Kenya and ministers and disciples new believers among the unreached tribes. His face can light up a room because it is clearly evident that Christ is HIS passion.

Michael and Bernard

Benard Wanyoike is my newest friend that I met just two weeks ago. You can read more about his story in my blog “St. Bernard.” He is like Wesley, “a brand, plucked from the burning.” Rescued off the streets of Nairobi and determined to make a difference in his world.

Amazing God: It goes without saying that the country and the people were all made by God and yet sometimes we lose sight of His amazing creative power, His deep love for all of humanity, and His desire to see His creation that is lost found. I saw the Hand of God move this time when I trekked for 10 days through this amazing country with these amazing people. I’m grateful I get to be a part of the bigger picture of what HE is doing in the World. I’m simply amazed. God is Amazing!

Gathered together in Kenya


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