Esaho Kipuke

Country: Togo

Rev. Dr. Esaho Kipuke is from the Democratic Republic of the Congo, where he was ordained a United Methodist pastor. After earning a Master’s in Theology from Boston University, Esaho and his family served on the mission field in Cameroon. They were later reassigned to Togo, in the areas of Lome and Kara. They trained evangelists, local pastors and their spouses, and they counseled church leaders. While traveling between Togo and the United States, Esaho completed a Doctorate in Missions from Columbia International University in Columbia, South Carolina.

Esaho is married to Beatrice Shimba Kipuke. They have four children: Kisel, Marc, Omba, and Shako. He felt called into ministry from a young age. From this early calling, he considers himself a servant of God, who is called to know Christ and to make Him known to the nations. Esaho enjoys soccer and swimming.

Ministry: Kipuke Outreach Ministries

Esaho and Beatrice founded Kipuke Outreach and Ministries in 2004 in Togo, West Africa. The ministry received NGO-status soon after. Kipuke Ministries is based in Niamtougou, and they have a training center in the village of Pya. The property for the training was donated by the Togolese government, and they partner with Kipuke Ministries to bring vocational training to the locals. The training center offers free tuition, childcare, daily meals from the farms on the school grounds, and safe dormitories. The four-year training programs include sewing and hairdressing for young women and farming, auto mechanics, tailoring, and carpentry for young men. Additionally, young men receive apprenticeships with local Christian businessmen. All students receive training in cooking and nutrition, health and hygiene, mathematics, Christianity, French literacy, and the English language.

Kipuke Ministries also offer orphan care, which includes placing orphans in foster care with Christian families, providing uniforms and school tuition, and providing medical care. The children meet biweekly at the training center to share a meal, play, sing, and hear the Word of God. The Elder Care Program meets the basic needs of seniors living in extreme poverty in nearby villages. Students from the Women’s Training Program visit weekly to bring food, wash clothes, bring medicine, and pray with the elderly. Each program offered by Kipuke Ministries is intertwined with Bible study, worship, and prayer.

Esaho is sharing his blessings from God with the poor and marginalized in Togo. Kipuke Ministries is ministering to the whole person, who is created in God’s image. They engage with each person on a social level before sharing the Gospel. By focusing on vocational training and literacy, Kipuke Ministries is teaching young men and women to be independent and productive members of society. Since every aspect of the ministry is centered around the Gospel, many souls are being won for the Kingdom. Catalyst For Africa is proud to partner with Kipuke Ministries through prayer support as they impact Togo for Christ.

Please keep Esaho, his family, Kipuke Outreach Ministries and in your prayers! Partner with Catalyst For Africa as we partner with leaders like Esaho!

To learn more about Esaho Kipuke and his Ministries, check out his website at:

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