Panlieba Tchalieni

Country: Niger

Panlieba Tchalieni grew up in the Makalondi Commune in the Tillabéry Region of Niger. He earned a license in theology at the private school Niamey-Niger Theology. Panlieba and his wife, Anna Lompo, have three children—Christophe, Brigitte, and Nehemie Yemboado. They live in Niamey, the capital of Niger. Panlieba felt God’s call into ministry in 2005. Now, he uses his love of soccer to reach children and teenagers with the Gospel. Panlieba loves his family and his ministry, and he enjoys discovering new things.

Ministry: Children and Adolescents Educated for Life Sports Ministry

Children and Adolescents Educated for Life Sports Ministry was founded in 2010 to evangelize youth in Niger. The ministry teaches children the game of soccer in order to introduce the Gospel and to prepare them for future professions. Niger is a mostly Muslim country, with less than 1% of the people identifying as Christians. It is one of the poorest countries in the world, and the people have suffered greatly from Boko Haram attacks. The sports ministry encourages and develops children’s physical and psychological balance and well-being. The ministry engages the moral, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual development of each child and thus provides a holistic approach of evangelization. The children learn Biblical values by learning the rules of soccer, and they participate in Biblical training and discussion sessions after matches.

Panlieba is the coordinator of the ministry. He manages over 20 soccer teams and organizes the yearly tournaments. The ministry offers youth sports camps during the holidays. He is involved in the training of Educators of Lives, who are coaching the soccer teams. The ministry is in the process of building a sports academy in Makalondi Commune for young Nigeriens. Catalyst For Africa partners with the sports ministry through prayerful support and financial assistance to help build the sports academy to reach Nigerien youth for Christ.

Please keep Panlieba, his family, and the Children and Adolescents Educated for Life Sports Ministry in your prayers! Partner with Catalyst For Africa as we partner with leaders like Panlieba!

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