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Burkina Faso is officially a French-speaking country, although 70 languages are spoken throughout the landlocked country of western Africa. The population is more than 50% Muslim, with the remaining people split between Christianity and traditional African practices of witchcraft, fortune tellers, and animal sacrifice. Unfortunately, the African worship has pervaded both Christianity and Islam in the nation. The country frequently experiences droughts, which has led to famines and to an unemployment rate of 77%. The people of Burkina Faso also face low literacy rates and high infant mortality rates, and they live in one of the poorest countries in the world. Despite the numerous challenges Burkinabe face, the reliance on oral traditions has helped the spread of the Gospel, as the Bible is being translated into each tribe’s language. The partly nomadic Fulbe (Fula) people are responding to the Gospel in exciting ways, but converts face persecution and exclusion from their own people. Most unreached people live in an area with existing mission projects, but an increase in native-born leaders is desperately needed. We are linking hearts with Ini Dorcas Dah.



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Key Catalyst for Africa

Leader in Burkina Faso

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