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Nigeria is an English-speaking country and boasts the largest population in West Africa. The population is 51% Christian. There is a major division between Muslims in the north and Christians in the south. Unfortunately, Christian persecution is common. There has been a blossoming of missions since the 1970s, and there are now 5,000 Nigerian missionaries serving at home and abroad. We are currently linking hearts with Femi Adeleye of World Vision International; Ojo Stephen Gbadegesin of Christ Ambassadors Students Outreach, a campus ministry of Assemblies of God Nigeria; and Ibiam Orji of BAM Nigeria and Student Volunteer Movement 2.



Key Catalyst for Africa

Leader in Nigeria

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Key Catalyst for Africa

Leader in Nigeria

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Key Catalyst for

Africa Leader

in Nigeria

Ibiam is connected with Catalyst For Africa (CFA) using the rich models of the four core values of CFA and curriculum of International Leadership Institute (ILI) and its eight core values to mobilize the student world and the body of Christ in fulfillment of great commission through relationship building. He joins the Leadership of both CFA and ILI in running several regional conferences across the country through his networks. He believes that business will play an active role in motivating and sustaining the fulfillment of great commission in our time as we enlist men into the nations. He is a mobilizer and has a knack for connecting businesses and entrepreneurs for the fulfillment of great commission. As a visionary figure in BAM Nigeria movement he has visited several BAM projects within Asia Axis and right now connecting practitioners to partner in building a formidable BAM in Africa that will launch our generation actively into the nations.  

Ibiam Orji is a visionary, a pioneer and an optimist for whom 'impossible' does not exist as a word. A fourth generation Christian who had a humble beginning, he is the second of nine children and defiling all odds, bagged a degree in Computer Science Education from the prestigious University of Nigeria. He also holds a  M.Ed in Educational Media Technology from the University of Lagos. He works as Head of Department Information and Technology School Of Postgraduate University of Lagos, Lecturer at SNIIT PLOY, Christ-wealth University and Federal College of Education among others.

Having worked with Student Volunteer Movement 2 from inception as volunteer, pioneer and full-time National Lead Facilitator till June 2019, mobilizing the entire Christian community for the fulfillment of Great Commission. 

He is married to Silvia and they are blessed with two children Bethel and Jubilee.

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