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Kenya is an English-speaking country in East Africa. Kenyans are 83% Christian, but it is estimated that 31% of the 115 people groups are unreached. There are 80,000 congregations trying to reach these people groups, but translations of Scripture are needed. There are 74 languages in Kenya. Most languages have portions of the Scripture translated, but only 16 languages have the entire Bible. You can pray for the groups that are working diligently to increase the availability of The Word. We are linking hearts with David Mutai, a missional consultant for the church in Kenya, and Harrison Githu of Changemakers for Christ.



Key Catalyst for Africa Leader

in Kenya

Rev. David Kipkemoi A Mutai passed away in April 2021, but he was one of our key leaders in Kenya and had an eternal impact on many. He spent his early childhood in Bomet County (Kenya), and he moved to Nakuru County (Kenya) with his father when he was a teenager. After graduating high school David was employed and trained by the government in telecommunications. Later, David served as a missionary in Northern Kenya. He holds an Advanced Diploma in Theology and Missions from Kenya Highlands University, formerly Kenya Highlands Bible College. David has been married to his wife Alice for more than 37 years, and they live in Nakuru County. They have six children: Enock (married to Jessica), Margaret (married to Wesley), Deborah (married to Brian), Naomi (married to Jimmy), Elijah, and Kezia.

While working full-time in civil service, David worked part-time in ministry. In April 1984, he felt God’s calling on his life while serving as a youth leader at a youth camp organized by Africa Gospel Church. David and his wife Alice joined full-time ministry in 1987. He served in mission leadership of the Africa Gospel Church for 17 years before taking early retirement in 2013. He worked for 5 years with Project 82 Kenya, which is a ministry focused on helping children have safe, stable environments for them to grow and thrive. Project 82 Kenya does more than simply help improve children’s situations; they are creating sustainable communities that will no longer need aid. David is currently serving with Catalyst For Africa as an East African Coordinator.  He and his wife Alice are financially supporting several children, so they can attend school.

Ministry: Immanuel Africa Gospel Church–Rongai and Catalyst For Africa

Africa Gospel Church was founded by World Gospel Mission missionaries in 1932 and was registered in Kenya in 1961. David is involved in leadership training with Africa Gospel Church, where he uses Catalyst For Africa training materials. Because of the leadership training, the local church is now a thriving church with growing church attendance and a higher ranking in the district for ministry performance. The church is often involved in building projects. David is very active in planning activities for his local church, Immanuel Africa Gospel Church–Rongai.

Catalyst For Africa is partnering with David to bring leadership training to both urban and rural areas of Kenya. Through leadership training, the local churches are witnessing the personal growth of the leadership and the growth of congregations. David uses Catalyst For Africa training materials and Core Values as he plans and executes leadership training within East African countries.


Key Catalyst for Africa Leader

in Kenya

Harrison Maina Githu grew up in a Christian home in Laikipia, Kenya. He was the third of nine children. He attended Sunday School and grew in his faith in both primary and secondary school. One night in April of 1994, Harrison could not sleep, and he realized that he needed to fully give his life to the Lord. Soon after, he rode his bicycle for seven kilometers to reach someone who was a strong Christian. With guidance, Harrison gave his life to the Lord. He was attending high school at the time. In 1996, he attended college and became involved with the Christian Union on campus and a local church. Harrison was energized and on fire for the Lord. After college, he returned to his village’s church and participated in outreach. The church grew from just 11 people to 250 members. Harrison was named their regional evangelist, as the church outreach expanded to the surrounding villages.

Harrison worked with other missionaries, pastors, and church organizations through the non-profit God’s Grace For All Nations. He was named Director of Mercy Missions in 2010. Later, he was named Director of Missions to unreached tribes. This ministry involved feeding the hungry, building an orphanage, and helping bring peace and reconciliation to different tribes. He was given the opportunity to travel to Turkey and Brazil for missions training courses. He brought his knowledge back to Kenya and started working with the indigenous tribes and planting churches. Harrison has earned multiple certificates in missions, including leadership and cross-cultural missions, and a diploma in theology.

In 2003, Harrison married his wife, Tabitha Wangui Harrison. They have two children, Clement and Louise. They live in Nakuru County, but Harrison’s evangelization ministry takes him to the rural areas of Kenya.

Ministry: Changemakers For Christ

Changemakers For Christ was founded in 2016 by an American-based missionary. She and Harrison became prayer partners. Their friendship from different continents blossomed into Changemakers For Christ. The foundress of Changemakers felt God calling her and her family to partner with Harrison and other Kenyan missionaries as they evangelize their native country. Harrison had been prayerfully waiting for many years for an organization to be established that would come alongside him and his fellow missionaries. God’s timing is always perfect because the night before the American missionary proposed creating the organization, Harrison was crying out to God for a clear sign of how to continue his difficult missionary work. Harrison’s answer and his longtime vision of missionary support was realized when he was named the pastor to fellow native missionaries who were, and are, serving the unreached people in Kenya. The missionaries rely on Harrison for support as they endure the joys and many challenges of Kingdom-building. There is a great need to encourage and build up the pastors and missionaries who are making sacrifices to bring the Gospel to their fellow Kenyans.

Harrison ministers to the unreached tribes of Samburus, Turkanas, Boranas, Rendiles, Pokots, and Ilchamus. Among the Ilchamus tribe, Harrison and Changemakers For Christ have now planted 6 churches and raised up 8 leaders. These tribes are nomadic, are located in hostile locations, and are generally hostile with each other. Each people group speaks a different language or dialect, so the missionaries have to overcome a language barrier as well. Some missionaries live with the indigenous people in order to evangelize. The missionaries face many obstacles, and they are grateful for Harrison’s counsel and support. Catalyst For Africa is proud to partner with Harrison as he participates in the grassroots efforts of Changemakers For Christ.

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