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Togo is a French-speaking country just to the east of Ghana. The population is 45% Christian, but traditional African beliefs (such as ancestor worship) have crept into churches. Some of the challenges affecting the Togolese are disease, exploitation, and illiteracy. There is progress with the Bible translations into indigenous languages; the availability of Christian literature and audio resources; and the increased use of Christian radio and television to spread the Gospel.



Key Catalyst for Africa

Leader in Togo

Cyrille Ga Kwame Djata grew up in Lomé, the capital of Togo. He lives there with his wife, Pierrette, and children, Miryam and Priscille. God called Cyrille into ministry in 1985, and he uses his training in Pastoral and Missionary Formation to build the Kingdom of God. Cyrille describes himself as a simple man who enjoys sports, traveling, and reading.

Ministry: Christ’s Banner Ministries (Mission Bannière de Christ)

Christ’s Banner Ministries (CBM) was founded in 2000 and exists to build up the body of Christ through the teaching and studying of the Word of God. CBM serves the body of Christ in Togo. Cyrille is the manager and helps provide training and seminars on leadership and discipleship. The ministry’s mission is important to Cyrille because Hosea 4:6 says, “My people are destroyed because they lack knowledge.” The teaching ministry, according to Cyrille, will spare God’s people from destruction. The ultimate goal of CBM is to make all Togolese followers of Christ. Catalyst For Africa is proud to partner with Cyrille through prayerful support and by helping to equip his ministry.

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