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Catalyst for Africa – “Catalyst”

A ministry born out of a heart for African leaders, not because African leaders needed us or anyone, but just a pure desire to walk and work alongside some of the greatest people on the planet.  If the truth be known, we believe we need what African leaders have more than anything that we could offer in terms of ministry.  They get evangelism, they get reaching the lost, they get sharing their faith in the midst of almost insurmountable odds.  This is not a ministry based on the needs of African leaders; it’s a ministry based on deepening relationships.

We want to hear the heart cry of our African brothers and sisters and simply do what we can to share together in their ministry so that, together, we can become the most effective communicators of the Gospel in every arena.  We are not a program based ministry that does a fixed seminar in every country in Africa.  We listen to the felt need of African leaders and link hearts to see that need fulfilled.


I’m a historian.  I like context.  It is by far my most compelling strength. So where did the name Catalyst for Africa come from?  What does it mean?  Over the next three blogs I will explain each word.  And then hopefully the parts will help enlighten the whole.

Catalyst…The Oxford English Dictionary defines “catalyst” as “a person or thing that precipitates an event.”   It is a spark actually, a starter.  It is not “the thing” but it only helps the thing become more of what it needs to be.  It precipitates; it ignites; it creates momentum.  It is the lubricant that allows the machine to hum.

A catalyst doesn’t want the credit, it just wants to make that which is working, work better, work more efficiently, more effectively.  It is motivation; it is encouragement, it is listening with intentionality.

Several months ago, when we just beginning, formulating ideas, putting lots of things on paper, word smithing, thinking out loud on paper I was thinking about “Catalyst” and this came to mind… “Igniting a movement in the power of God to create a new generation of leaders led by the Spirit of God in integrity in every arena of life.”  Although I wouldn’t keep this phrase in its entirety, I like the sense of igniting a movement, something bigger than us, bigger than what we could ever dream or imagine; something only God could do.

We want to be a Catalyst for the cause of Christ to change a continent.  As I write this from Northern Ghana right now, I’m already catching glimpses of that movement.  Pray with us to see Him move in the hearts of African leaders to shake a continent.


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