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Celebrating Five Years of Ministry

Thanks to you, we are celebrating our 5-Year Anniversary!  What began as a personal leap of faith and a deep realization of my calling to minister alongside African leaders is now a blessing to the continent of Africa.

The transition from ministering in several African countries for 11 years to living in America proved challenging for my family and me.  In 2013, I found myself at a difficult crossroad. A critical question kept emerging in my mind, “What am I going to do with the rest of my life?”  As an ordained United Methodist pastor, I could accept a pastorate of a local church, or take other risks like planting a multi-cultural church or starting a non-profit for African leaders. However, even in the midst of this crisis, I heard His still, small voice, challenging me, “Walk into the sunset with the men and women of Africa."

God used this photo to urge me to walk and work alongside my African colleagues. In my deep crisis and soul searching, I chose to trust the Lord’s gentle urging to launch this non-profit to assist our African brothers and sisters to evangelize and disciple their continent.

During the first year, I struggled with the name of our organization and the focus of our ministry.  Some of my African colleagues thought the name was paternalistic and colonial. In April 2014, a group of ten leaders from eight French speaking West African countries gathered in Abidjan, Cote d’Ivoire, for our inaugural Catalyst For Africa conference. When my colleague, Valentin Iloga, from Democratic Republic of Congo began his talk on Integrity and stated, “As we begin this conference, I want to share with you that I am a catalyst for Africa!”  I knew then and there why we were called Catalyst For Africa. It is centered around the lives and ministries of my African colleagues, not some Western leader trying to impose some leading-edge leadership format.  When our African leaders own the Catalyst For Africa mission and vision and share it in their ministries and among their communities, real transformation takes place. What began as a test of faith has transformed me and my African colleagues into a band of brothers and sisters who desire to win the continent of Africa to Jesus, one relationship at a time.

We believe in going deep and keeping our groups small.  During these past five years, we've grown from 10 to 14 countries. By the year’s end, we hope to visit Central African Republic and South Africa to develop CFA leaders.  Our process is vetted through deep relationships that help us discern, disciple, and then deploy key leaders.  Before we expand into a new country, we make sure our leaders are committed to CFA’s core values and purpose.

In 2018, we’ve ministered in Kenya, Ghana, Italy and Malta.  We connected with several African leaders from countries we've yet to visit in North Africa. I will be in Uganda and the UK in the next couple of weeks networking and training with African leaders.  Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers through the summer and as we make our strategic plans for the fall. 

Catalyst For Africa was born out of the generosity of many of you who've prayed for and supported us these past five years.  We're launching a new fund raising campaign to sustain our monthly operational budget and to grow our ministry outreach in our current 14 countries.  We're looking for 100 donors who are willing to donate $100.00 a month.  So far, 20 donors have committed to do just that.  Please consider becoming one of the 80 donors still needed to reach our goal. By supporting Catalyst For Africa, we can provide our African brothers and sisters with leadership training, learning materials, and relational support so they can fulfill their life’s calling. 

Remember, together we are changing the world in Jesus’s name, one relationship at a time.


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