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Catalyst for Africa – “For”

When we launched our website my first blog described an overview of the organization and an explanation of why we chose the word CATALYST.  Now allow me to share with you why we chose “For.”  In discussing all the various options of what our organization was going to be called, we also had to think about acrostics because, invariably, everyone reduces organizations to acrostics.  Catalyst was the non-negotiable word but where should we go from there?  Which preposition would be best to link “Catalyst” and “Africa?”  “About, Among, At, Beside, By, For, In, Of, Through, To, Toward and With were all options that could have been used.

One of my African colleagues suggested “In” but having the acrostic CIA would not go over well when trying to describe a ministry that would have covert meaning!  When it was all said and done, we decided on “For” because it describes the heart of what we are about.  Merriam-Webster dictionary gives a full definition of “For”  as a “function word to indicate purpose, an intended goal, or the object or recipient of a perception, desire or activity.”  Touche’!, that hits the nail on the head for us.

Sadly, history has a way of clouding words that have lost their original meaning or have negative undertones from misguided perceptions.  One thing that we regret is the idea that using “for” implies that Africans need something  or someone and unless we assist them, then they are incapable of meeting their own needs.   That is just not the case for us.  “For” for us means we champion the African cause, we cheer them on, stand beside them, feel their pain, celebrate their joy and in general say that we are “For” them and “For” their hearts to do ministry to impact their world.

So, at Catalyst For Africa, we unabashedly say we are “FOR” Africa!  Will you join us in celebrating what God is doing through our African brothers and sisters?


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