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Christophe Dembele

Christophe Dembele.  Remember that name.  It’s not a household name, not a name that will make the local or even national news in his hometown of Bamako or even in his country of Mali.  But he is a world changer.  He is a passionate follower of Christ that trains leaders to educate children in Sunday School, he is a pastor and he is also the regional director of Evangelism Explosion in Mali, Burkina Faso, Niger, Senegal, Ivory Coast and Guinea.

Christophe is married and has six children.  He loves his family very much and longs for his children to be educated.  He struggles to pay school fees for all of his children on a very limited salary. He pastors a church in a suburb of Bamako and has a worshipping body of over 400 people.  By the way, Mali is 92% Muslim.  Is that significant?  That is huge.  The call to prayer is blasted from mega speakers atop each minaret many times a day and yet Christians are called out if their worship is too loud in the city and they are persecuted for reaching out.

Christophe will meet with eight other French speaking leaders from seven different West African countries in a little more than three weeks in Abidjan, Cote d’Ivoire.  We believe that time will be well spent deepening relationships and learning from one another in the core values of intimacy with God, integrity, stewardship and family priority.  We believe it will change our lives and our ministry forever.  Pray for us.  Pray for this event from April 21-27.  We are going to change the world, one relationship at a time.


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