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Easter Greetings

Happy Easter Greetings! May the Easter message continue to resonate within your hearts. Alleluia!

TEAM: We love partnering with churches! In January, we were blessed to facilitate a mission trip to Ghana with St. Simons Community Church. We visited several ministries throughout the country.  We lead a one-day Catalyst For Africa conference in Bolgatanga.  40 African leaders spent the day engaging with our four core values and were challenged to live them out. While in Bogatanga, I visited with fellow missionaries, Ben and Rachael Stanton.  They continue to build amazing relationships with believers and non-believers in Bolgatanga.

FAMILY: In February, I returned to Ghana to walk my daughter in Christ, Christiana Asare, down the aisle.  After celebrating her wedding, I made time to strategize with some of my closest friends in the ministry! Both events were rewarding and encouraging. We are seeing the fruit of our ministry being lived out. 

Christiana Asare & Michael

Abraham Waigi, Victor Zizer, Michael Mozley, Claire Waigi, Femi Adeleye, and Ben Stantan

While on the topic of family, I took a brief respite and traveled to Israel to visit my daughter and new son-in-law. My son, Luke, and his best friend, Kendrick, joined me.  One of the most significant places we visited was Capernaum and the Sea of Galilee (pictured).  Here in Peter’s hometown, Jesus simply said to Peter, “Follow Me!!!”  This one request and response changed the world. It all began with one relationship: it set in motion the plan for the salvation of the world.​

NORTH AFRICA: In March, I attended a conference focused on reaching and partnering with fellow believers in Mauritania, Morocco, Algeria, Libya, Tunisia, and Egypt. The Church in the West has no idea of the daily struggles believers go through in these majority Islamic countries.  I am excited that Catalyst For Africa will begin to partner with these believers.  While in Malta, I learned more about the apostle Paul’s shipwreck here and how Christianity spread through this small, but significant Mediterranean island.  Continue to pray for us, especially our African leaders as we live our four core values and change the world in Jesus’s name, one relationship at a time.


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