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Empowerment Through Disability

Raphael Botsyo Nkegbe is one of our Catalyst For Africa leaders. Here is his inspiring story.

Raphael was born in the Volta Region of Ghana in 1978.  When he was six-years old, he contracted polio, which paralyzed his legs. Because of his disability, he dropped out of junior high school.  His family moved to Sunyani, Ghana in the early 1990s.  Instead of begging on the street, he chose to learn the trade of shoemaking.   Raphael’s commitment to excellence led him to become one of the best shoemakers in the city. He also became interested in disabled athletics and wanted to compete at the highest level. He’s traveled the world, representing Ghana in several competitions. Very often, he has to pay for his travel expenses in order to participate.  Because of Raphael’s determination, he is a three-time wheelchair Paralympian. His efforts have earned him many awards and medals.

In December 2015, he married his sweetheart, Amdiya Issaka. They both rely on wheelchairs.  Raphael & Amdiya are proud parents of three beautiful children.  Raphael may not be as famous as a soccer player or boxer in Ghana, but the number of hearts and lives he has influenced are too numerous to count.  Through sports, he continues to paint a positive image into the hearts of the youth and the disabled of Ghana.  As a disability advocate and ambassador, he works to eradicate polio, and promotes and develops sporting opportunities for the physically disabled.At an early age, Raphael was challenged by a physical disability; however, he met the challenge with determination. He’s been empowered by his trials and uses his testimony to empower others. He’s a true champion!  Catalyst For Africa’s core value of integrity is evident in all that he does.

Recently, Raphael competed in a wheelchair qualification competition in New Mexico.

Catalyst For Africa has come alongside Raphael to support him, and he in turn supports our ministry by sharing our core values everywhere he goes.  We’re here to encourage his passion to compete and to share Christ with everyone he meets.

We are proud to partner with our precious brother. Please keep Raphael and Catalyst For Africa in your prayers. Together we are changing the world in Jesus’s name, one relationship at a time.


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