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Ghana Trip July 2015

Dear Friends of Catalyst for Africa,

This week I traveled to Ghana to meet with key leaders who will help in networking and establishing cottage industries for artisans in order to create community transformation. I will also visit with several key leaders who are partnering with Catalyst for Africa.

As a part of this trip, Catalyst for Africa is helping to build a home for a widow named Comfort Baposin. It will cost $20,000 just to put the walls and roof on it.  CFA is giving in small increments as money comes in to help this amazing widow who works with orphans on a daily basis. Would you consider partnering with us to help in the building of Comfort’s home? Please visit our website to donate, and send an email to to let us know that is where you would like your funds to go.

Changing the world one relationship at a time,

Michael Mozley

African Leader Spotlight: Patrick Mulondo

Born in 1989, Patrick Mulondo graduated from Makerere University, where he majored in sculpture modeling, carving, and jewelry making. His sculptures explore recycling metal scrap together with casted fiber glass to give old common found objects an entirely new and extraordinary life and purpose, which is uncommon in today’s Ugandan art scene. His works are designed to be highly interactive and prompt viewers to question the reality of what they see. Mulondo participated in making of The Journey Monument, an art piece commemorating Uganda’s Golden Jubilee. He was commissioned by the Ugandan Government in the production of Young Achievers Award in 2011. His work “Sculptural body Adornment 2013” graces Makerere University’s Guidance and Counseling Department. Mulondo has also participated in an ongoing group exhibition taking place at Diani Beach Art Gallery Kenya. He is currently developing concepts for the commemoration of the civil war in Northern Uganda, which started 20 years ago and officially ended in 2006. The Lord Resistance Army (LRA), a paramilitary group led by Joseph Kony, had committed atrocious crimes in the region. With sculptural means he wants to explore the tragic effects of on the communities in the Gulu region and how they are rebuilding their lives.

I had the privilege of meeting Patrick in May of 2014 and as our motto goes, “our hearts were linked,” from the moment we met. We have been encouraging each other over this past year and I had the chance to visit with him in Oregon just a few weeks ago as he was showing off his artwork. He will be coming to visit us here in Atlanta in the next few weeks. He is doing a great work with his art and also in his ministry. It is a privilege to walk and work alongside of this precious brother.

Introducing David Mutai: Catalyst for Africa’s new East African Resource Coordinator

David has been the national director of missions and evangelism for the Africa Gospel Church for many years and most recently has been a strategic leader for an emerging ministry called Project 82 in the towns of Molo and Nanyuki. I have been affiliated with David since the mid 2000’s. I call him my African twin because his heart and passion are as mine to see the lost saved and people ignited for missions. We are needing your support as David takes on the role of East African Coordinator for Catalyst for Africa. He will be setting up leadership retreats and conferences in my absence and helping to plan for future events. Would you consider supporting him $25 or $50 per month to help launch him in this new position? If you would like to support David’s ministry, please donate on our website and send an email to denoting this is where you would like your funds to go.


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