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Mercy’s Story– Kitale, Kenya

Mercy is the oldest of seven children and her father is incapacitated because of his dependence on alcohol– a story that is sadly common in many developing countries  The family of nine lives in a one-room house and Mercy’s mother does whatever she can to keep the children fed and clothed.  One day, Mercy stumbled into her neighbors’ yard  and was invited in by the family.  They loved on her, learned about her situation and eagerly offered to help her with her school fees. These neighbors– David and Alice Mutai and their adopted daughter Kesia– have taken Mercy into their family and view her as one of their own.  The night I arrived at the Mutai home, Mercy and Kesia were like inseparable sisters When I was falling asleep I could here the “sisters” chattering like birds.  It was Mercy’s last night with her adopted family before she headed off to school.

At Catalyst for Africa, we say we are changing the world in Jesus’ name, one relationship at a time and we mean it.  Currently we invest in 30 amazing leaders in 12 African countries and these leaders (including David and Alice Mutai) are doing extraordinary things by being the hands and feet of Jesus, reaching out and serving, giving and sacrificing for the sake of others, even when they themselves are struggling to make ends meet.

I asked Mercy what she wanted to be when she finished school, and she said, “I want to be an engineer.”  From abject poverty to planning on becoming an engineer…for that I will give my life and do all I can to make it happen.  When you support Catalyst for Africa, you support me, you support David and Alice, and you give people like Mercy a chance to know Jesus and dream about their future.

Together, we are changing the world in Jesus’ name, one relationship at a time!


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