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Definition: Parameters or measures of quantitative assessment used for measurement, comparison or to track performance or production.

So, herein lies a problem.  God gave me a vision and passion to come alongside my African brothers and sisters and “link hearts,” more concisely stated, mentor, coach and disciple my brothers and sisters in Africa.  But, in so doing, I realize I will be the one that is immeasurably coached and mentored and changed as a result of my investment in time, resources and life.

Our vision statement is …”linking the hearts of African leaders with the hearts of leaders from around the world.”  Its not sexy, it doesn’t sell well.  It can be understood or misunderstood as just too simple. Some friends and acquaintances have even said, “Its foggy.”  I get that.  You can’t really measure or sink your mind or teeth into that concept.  But that is what I believe God called me to.  And I believe He is raising up others who will join me in this vision to link their hearts as well.

When I think about Jesus and metrics, I wonder how his ministry could be measured.  What was his strategy?  What were his one year, three year, five year plans?  How would He measure success?  What was his method?  If I think about it, it seems like he “linked hearts” with a handful of men and a couple of women and “hung out” with them, did life with them, taught them and then released them.

How do we measure success? One relationship at a time.  If we want to go fast, we’ll go alone.  If we want to go far, we’ll do this together…in Jesus’ name.


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