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I’ve been involved in international missions since I was 16 years old.  My first exposure to missions was supporting a missionary $10.00 a month way back in 1978.  I was working at the Cobb County Solid Waste Division, aka, “the dump.”  And I went to a home group where a missionary had graduated from Asbury College and was going to serve among the Native Americans in the “Four Corner” region out West.  I remember him telling me about his vision to assist the Native Americans who were trapped in alcoholism and despondency and he wanted to share Christ with them and give them hope.  But what I most remember was his “Prayer” card.  Not his “Give money to the missionary” card but his prayer card.  I remember his asking us to pray for him more than supporting him.  Prayer is the number one passion for every missionary and every cross-cultural worker.  We realize we live and die by the prayers of believers who stand in the gap on our behalf.

At Catalyst for Africa, that is our deepest passion.  To have people pray for us and to pray for our African brothers and sisters who are serving in some of the most difficult places on the planet.  Let me leave you with two areas to pray for currently in Africa.  The first is South Sudan.  It is a very young country and the foundation of this country was established by Christ followers who wanted to establish it on Christian principles.  Its frail beginning has created turmoil and rebels have seen the vulnerability of their government and have tried to create anarchy.  Pray for peace in this country and that the government can control these rebels and establish this country in peace.  Was the U.S. any different in the 1700’s?  The second country I would like for you to pray for is the Central African Republic.  They are now a country torn in two by the factions of Christians and Muslims who are attacking one another to gain control.  It is brutal and devastating.


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