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Reflections on Africa

Having spoken about Africa as a part of the name of our organization recently, there is still much to reflect on about this continent and its impact on the world.

First is the future.  We believe God is already using Africa in one of the most significant ways in terms of modern day Christian movements but what does the future hold for Africa? I read an article several weeks ago from the Washington Post and wanted to share that with you. Pretty amazing statistics and projections for the future of Africa?  It is no longer the “Dark Continent.”  It is a place of potential, resources and power. 

Another article that I read several years ago but is still referred to on many occasions is from Jonathan Bonk in Christianity Today.  He gives some candid and very telling facts about the significance of Africa and its impact on the world.

With that being said, Catalyst for Africa believes that going deep in relationship with a few key leaders will have a long lasting impact on the continent.  Jesus chose twelve men and I believe a couple of women and poured into their lives over a three year period, casting vision, loving, laughing and linking hearts.  We want to model Jesus and stand beside our African brothers and sisters to make a kingdom impact.


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