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The Big Event

Christendom is saturated with “Big Events.”  It seems there are key-note speakers and major conferences slated across the nation and even across the world so often it makes my head spin.  Several years ago when I was fully engaged in youth ministry, I lived for the Youth Specialties conferences held in amazing cities across the nation.  I went to Philadelphia, San Diego, San Francisco and even went to the one in my hometown on Atlanta.  As I think back, I can’t really remember any significant message that changed my life or my ministry, but I do remember the people I went with.  I have memories of boogie board surfing in La Jolla with my buddy Andy VomSteeg and renting a convertible and driving to Yosemite with Ernie Coleman.

Bottom line, the big event is really more about relationship than the conference or even the messages being shared.  People remember people and relationships more than they remember any message.

So, for us at Catalyst for Africa, we are holding our first “Big Event” in Abidjan, Cote d’Ivoire from April 21-27.  We have a program and messages that will be taught and shared collaboratively.  The bottom line for me is that when we pack up and head to our respective homes and ministries, our lives will have been transformed, not so much by the messages but by the people that we just shared our very lives with.  Christophe in Mali, Valentin in Senegal, Florence in Cameroon, Esaho in Togo…these are the men and women that are changing the world in their respective towns and villages.  Catalyst for Africa stands beside them, walks and works hand in hand with them in spirit and in truth, as together we seek to advance the Kingdom of God.  Pray for us.  We are going to change the world in Jesus’ Name.


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