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The Greatest Life Lesson

Acts 1:4a “On one occasion, while he was eating with them, he gave them this command:”

One of Jesus’ last and greatest commands happened around the dinner table…very unsophisticated place to give weighty words one would think, yet that is where most of the best conversations are carried on.  It was no different tonight as we sat around a round table in one of Kumasi’s finest restaurants, Moti Mahal. Six of us from two continents and even hundreds of miles away from each other in Ghana gathered around the table and reminisced about where we had come from and where God had led us.

I posed the question as we were finishing the last bites of our bread and rice and amazing curry dishes, “What is the greatest life lesson you have learned thus far in your life?”  Below are their responses:

Lawrence Beka said simply, “sharing” which really revolved around sharing his faith and sharing what he has, even when it hurts. Kwame Michael, in his humble words said, “trusting God, that He has absolute control for the trials and blessings in his life and that He makes a way.” Abraham Mike Mozley recalled his calling to reach the remote areas in Ghana and was rebuffed by Christian leaders, and yet a Muslim sponsored a team of 19 who were doing an outreach in his area.  Muslims are reaching out to Christians to help, showing kindness in amazing ways. Eddie my evangelist bishop shared how a pastor from the North, Job Chomogo, gave a testimony in Bantama Methodist Church recalling from as far back as 1999, how impacting his life was on him. He thanked me for taking him all over Ghana to minister for more than ten years and equipping him with life giving skills. Isaac Gyesaw, stated that he was nowhere as the eldest among 26 siblings go to farm before going to school and thanked our family for supporting him for so many years. He gloried in being commissioned as an evangelist and his wedding day!!! People were amazed that so many missionaries attended his wedding. Eddie reflected one last thought before we left… He remembers meeting a Muslim convert named Suaba who ran up to me after not having seen me for years and saying, “Daddy, you and mommy are leading the people to heaven.”

Relationships are life, and we went a step deeper tonight.  We are changing the world in Jesus’ name, one relationship at a time.


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