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The West African Francophone Team

From April 21-27 ten leaders from eight different French speaking West African countries converged in Abidjan, Cote d’Ivoire to experience the heart of Catalyst for Africa. Together we shared the vision of linking the hearts of African leaders with the hearts of leaders from around the world. After the first day of focusing on intimacy with God and spending a few hours reflecting on Psalm 63, we returned to share our insights. In those moments of sharing our hearts and minds, God was forging a deep bond between 11 people who live in very differing cultures and situations. I was shocked and amazed at what God was doing.

The next morning, several of the participants began to express their desire to be a “Catalyst for Africa.” Without any propaganda or cajoling, the passion and vision God had given me for “Catalyst” was immediately embraced and owned by my colleagues. I was humbled to see them own this vision and make it an essential part of their lives and ministry. The next three days were simply building on the deepening of our lives in ministry and with each other. The life stories that were shared by each colleague were awe inspiring and humbling. The teachings were convicting and compelling.

When we finally departed on Sunday morning, I asked several of my brothers and sisters, “Give me one word to describe what you have experienced this week.” They replied, “Joy!,” “Unity,” “Family,” “Community.” One of my dearest friends in the ministry said, “Michael, I would love to travel with you wherever you go to teach these principles.” Changing the world, one relationship at a time.


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